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There are a range of groups and activities for young people. The children and youth groups are headed up by our Children's and Youth Work Development Worker Sassi (see Meet Our Staff for more details), together with a great team of volunteers. We hope to meet you in person and if you would like further details or have any questions, get in touch with Sassi through sending her a message via

One of our church values is that we want support, encourage and help children and young people reach their full potential and we do this by running various groups, social outings, events and providing opportunities for children and young people to meet and get to know each other.  

We as a church have a duty to protect the children and young people in our care and all our volunteers and paid employees working in our groups are checked through the Disclosure & Barring Service and are offered regular training in safeguarding. Our safeguarding officers are Rosemary Willock 01737 763769 and Helen Greaves 01737 766852. A copy of our safeguarding policy can be viewed on the following link:


youth drop in September


 We run an after school Youth drop-in every Thursday between 3:30pm-5:30pm. We believe anyone who visits our Youth Drop-in should feel at home and should consider themselves as part of the Youth family. Our aims are to provide personal, social, educational and spiritual opportunities for young people. We want to provide a place where young people can have fun, feel safe and valued, can talk about anything and ultimately discover meaning and direction for their lives. 


 Reality on Thursdays

We also run Reality on Thursday evenings, we meet between 7pm-9pm at either at Redhill Methodist Church on Thursdays. 

Anyone 12-18 year olds are welcome. We would like to provide a space where we can get to know our young people better and also help them grow spiritually by for instance having dinner together, discussing topics that they are interested in and worshipping together. They have an opportunity to cook, to help, to listen, to share their thoughts, to laugh, to worship, to pray, to socialize, to plan and go on trips, to ask their questions etc… in a safe and fun environment.



 Our overall vision for our Children and Youth Ministry is the following:

Our aims are to help children and young people engage with the Bible in a relevant way and to empower them to take steps forward in their faith journeys. We want to see young people reaching their full potential, being excited about Jesus and about being a Christian and want to help them develop a mature faith so that they will be life-long followers of Jesus.


Youth weekend away video

IGEN - 3rd - 5th July 2015





Watch the highlights of a church service led by our Youth Group:







We have 3 separate Junior Churches. In the morning the Junior churches meet in two separate age groups and they are called Trailblazers and C-3 (Called-Chosen-Confident). We start at 10:30 am in the main Church building to join with the rest of the church family in worship. After a short time of worship we go to two separate rooms. Most of the time we also provide some yummy food. 

In the afternoon the urdu congregation has one joint Junior church called Revelation but follow the same resources as the morning one.

Our aims are to help children and young people engage with the Bible in a relevant way and to empower them to take steps forward in their faith journeys and learn more about God. We also want to help young people to develop a mature faith and grow in their understanding of the Bible. 

 We join the whole congregation for the Family Services which normally happen at the first Sunday of the month. We also get involved through various ways in the church services. 

Youth Ministry




Uniformed Organisations                



Rainbows (5 to 7 years) - 4.30 to 5.30pm

Brownies (7 to 9 years) - Thursdays 6 to 7.30pm and Fridays 6 to 7.30pm

Guides (10 years and upwards) - 7 to 9.00pm







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