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Junior Church:

26th July 2020

 ROOTS on the web is allowing us to download some material each week for anyone to use.  Check the bottom of this page for activities for everyone of any age to enjoy.

Young People’s Group 

Perhaps you would like to explore all Rodney's letters. Which letter included Capt. Sir Tom Moore or a someone cycling a long way? Which one is your favourite? Which letter reminded you the most that God is with us even in the most confusing times? Enjoy re-reading and exploring.


If you have missed any of Rodney's letters click on the links below:

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19th July 2020


Ideas from ROOTS for young people of any age:

ROOTS have updated the look of their resources for anyone to use in time for the school holidays. Take a look at all that they provide here.

Enjoy all their suggestions with the activity sheets, colouring pages, prayers and song suggestions. as well as new ideas for pilgrimages and themed resources. All very exciting! ENJOY!


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