Our instrumentalists of all ages and capabilities meet on a Friday evening at least once a month to practise. They contribute to worship together or individually, depending on what each can offer, on a wide range of brass, woodwind, string and keyboard instruments.

Our singers of all ages and experience contribute to the musical life of the church in various ways. They perform anthems, songs, musicals and oratorios as required and meet most Fridays for practice.

The 'Churches Together' orchestra meets once a month on a Saturday morning in our Church Hall to play a wide range of music, and also performs in the Town Centre at Christmas and Easter.

Whatever your age or musical capability, you will find a warm welcome to these groups.

The 'Churches Together' Orchestra at Holy Trinity Church, Redhill

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10:30 - Morning Service
16:00 - Afternoon Service (Urdu)
18:30 - Evening Service

13:10 - Midweek Service (20 mins)

15:30 - 17:30 - Youth drop-in

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